Pregnancy & Newborn


Investing in a custom portrait is a luxury

That is why I am committed to taking pictures which will last and be loved by everyone. My prints are Giclee prints, which means they are produced using high quality papers - using archival, fade resistant inks.

All of my products are made to the highest of standards using handmade materials which are sourced in the UK. You are investing in beautiful craftmanship, as well as outstanding quality and style.

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Pregnancy shoot


This shoot takes place at my studio or in your home, will last approx 1hour and comes with the choice of three gift boxed Giclee fine art prints (8"x6") of your choice.

Pregnancy & Newborn package


A wonderful gift for a mum to be, included in this package is:

  • Pregnancy shoot at my studio in Colchester
  • Newborn shoot when your baby is 1-10 days old
  • Choose 5 large high resolution images from each shoot
  • A beautiful A4 canvas from your Newborn shoot

Newborn photography package 1


A perfect package to capture those first magical moments of your beautiful new baby. This is a 3-4 hour shoot which takes place at my Colchester Studio from 1-10 days of your babies birthday. Included in the price is:

  • 3-4 hour shoot at my studio in Colchester
  • Choose 5 large high resolution images 
  • A beautiful A4 canvas from your Newborn shoot

Newborn photography package 2


All of the images on USB

It's so hard to choose which images you want to keep, you just want all of them on USB. Each image will be professionally edited and enhanced in detail before placing them on to a USB stick which comes in it's own gift box.

Get creative!

Contact me to discuss

I love people to get creative with their photography and I welcome all ideas for your photoshoot. If you have something specific in mind please get in contact to discuss how we can make your idea into a reality.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to read more about preparation, the shoot itself and prices.

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How to prepare for a newborn shoot

A Newborn photography shoot ideally takes place when the baby is between 1 - 10 days old. I can take pictures of them up to ten days but please bare in mind after a week they start to sleep less and uncurl their little bodies so it is harder to get the sleeping baby poses. When planning your shoot please consider I do not book them after 10 days old.

When should I book?

When you know your babies due date after your 20 week scan.

How can we ensure we can get those sleeping baby shots

If you want those sleeping baby shots, I suggest the following. As you can appreicate I cannot guarantee a sleeping baby but doing the following usually works.

  • If possible it works best if your baby is awake two hours prior to the shoot.
  • Try and hold off feeding your baby fully until he/she is at the shoot, a full baby always sleeps better.

Newborn photography shoots should take place in the morning, afternoons are more unpredictable with sleeping patterns. A bath before the shoot usually relaxes babies and also gives them nice fluffy hair if they have any.

Props - 

  • The usual shed load of 'baby stuff' nappies, wipes etc
  • Bring another pair of hands with you so that they can help, for some of the shots we may need a second pair of hands.
  • Bring any props which are personal to you as a family, e.g a hat knitted by your sister.
  • Bring some kind of skin cream, often babies skin is dry and flaky please bring a long a cream which will moisterise their skin.
  • I have various props at my studio, if there is something specific you would like we can discuss it prior to the shoot to make sure we have the right prop between us.
The shoot

What happens?

The studio will be nice and warm all ready for the babies, please come prepared to take some layers off. 

I play soothing music throughout the shoot, which helps add to a relaxed atmosphere.

During the Shoot -

It is completely natural for babies to poo, wee have wind and do all the things babies do. Please do not let this put you off, as long as we have plenty of wet wipes to hand we deal with things as they happen. It is all part of it, I am used to it, being a mother and an ex Nursery Nurse I have had plenty of practice.

The shoot is planned around your babies needs, so we stop when they are not in the mood, want a cuddle, want something to eat or need to be changed. I want you all to feel relaxed and enjoy your family photography session so we can get some great natural shots which you will love.

We take the pictures around your babies schedule, that is why it is important to allow enough time for each shoot. I ask parents to schedule in a morning or afternoon.

All payments must be made at time of booking.

If you have any queries or questions please contact me, alternatively you are very welcome to arrange a time to visit me at my studio to have a look around before booking.